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Remote Graphic Design: Our Favorite Tools & Setups

Remote graphic design is one of the biggest trends in the creative industry today, and it’s only getting more popular as the number of offsite teams grows. When you ask any graphic designer about what tool they absolutely can’t live without, it’ll inevitably be a tool that empowers them to work more efficiently than ever in distributed teams for remote work.

Graphic designers can rely on a wide assortment of tools and setups to get a project done, but only a select few actually help them get the job done when they’re working remotely—whether as part of a well-oiled global team or to get a specific deliverable to a client who’s on the other side of the country. Remote graphic design is the new normal in the creative industry.

To find out exactly what remote collaboration tools graphic designers put their trust in, we asked several from some of the top agencies around, as well as a few from our own Creative Market community. You may be surprised at what tools some designers said they can’t live without and which are constant go-to choices for many designers.
At any rate, many in the industry are using quite a lot of tools at the same time! Here’s what they said… Continue to Article