Putting a Cap on Cancer

The Verma Foundation is a national registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to giving high-quality cap wigs to cancer patients suffering from hair loss.

NBC Boston news anchor Natasha Verma is a Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor and after co-founding the Verma Foundation, she immediately began to work on improving the quality of life for other patients undergoing chemotherapy. Women battling cancer find hair loss to be one of the most devastating side effect of chemotherapy. Most wigs are ill-fitting, itchy and expensive so the Verma Foundation offers the ideal solution – a cap attached to 100% human hair. They are committed to helping people battling cancer maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity and privacy during treatment.

When Natasha contacted me to create a brand logo and look and feel for the foundation, I was on board immediately. In addition to the official Verma Foundation branding, Spin350 designed the event branding and collateral for the foundations first Casino Night which was held at West End Johnnies on 4/5/19 and raised $33,000+.

Select photos courtesy of @russmezphoto


The Verma Foundation


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