Over 92 Years of Hospitality and Culinary Experience

Lombardo’s is a fourth-generation owned and operated family business, with over 92 years of hospitality and culinary experience. It is also an iconic brand in the greater Boston area with a famous marquee that is seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters on 95/128. Last year, the family came to me for a rebrand. We spent a lot of time looking at the history, recognition and perception of the existing brand, including their iconic marquis sign. “We knew it was time to give ourselves a new, more updated look,” said Vincent Lombardo, CEO. “We worked hard to make sure that our image would still convey that we are still Lombardo’s, the same family with the same great service that generations before us have known. But we also wanted to speak to the next generation with a fresh, more modern look. This, in conjunction with the fourth generation now leading the operations, is where we see the future of Lombardo’s going”

The first thing that we did was to sit down and look at the history and then where the Lombardo family wanted to go with the rebrand. It was a calculated, thorough process that led to a logo redesign, complete with an official brand guide, color palette and font set. From there, I redesigned the company marketing collateral, business cads, letterhead, envelopes and custom die-cut pocket folders. The next big step in the year-long project was to design and build a modern content management driven website that was user friendly on both desktop and mobile. One of the things that was as important to the family was to walk visitors thru their family story and history which we did with a scrolling timeline. The final, and perhaps most sensitive piece of this massive rebrand was to retire the iconic and historic marquee sign and replace it with the new branding. For people that know of Lombardo’s as well as people that don’t, but drive by daily, the sign was such a major final step in the rebrand process. The new sign lets people know that Lombardo’s has gone through a refreshed rebrand and although the look has been updated, it’s still the same family that has been a cornerstone business in the area for years.

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