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GliaCure | Spin350

Improving Quality of Life

GliaCure was founded in 2011 and is based on discoveries by its scientific founder, Philip Haydon, Ph.D., of Tufts University. GliaCure is a pioneer in the development of novel therapeutics aimed at treating neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders of the brain.

When the founders were ready to launch their company, the came to Spin350 to develop a brand identity and website that were integral in introducing GliaCure to the medical research market. Inspiration for the logo came from the glia cells found in the brain. My approach was to create iconography that communicated GliaCure’s medical research in a contemporary fashion. As the need for marketing expanded, I utilized branding in a variety of media including a tradeshow booth and giveaways.


We worked with Spin350 on creation of our logo and website and couldn’t be happier with the results. Joe and... read more

Yolande Haydon Avatar
Yolande Haydon
Business Manager, GliaCure