Wondering about the untapped potential of your business branding & marketing materials?

How does a
complimentary small business brand assessment from Spin350's Creative Director Joe Lyons sound? – no strings, no obligations, just pure insights!

I'm interested...Tell me more!

With 23+ years of experience as a local Creative Director, I’ve helped countless businesses – from mom-and-pop shops to big corporations – fine-tune their visual branding. First impressions matter, and many businesses are in the dark about what their brand truly needs in order to get noticed.

So what exactly does my free assessment include?

I’ll take a deep dive into your current branding, examine all the details, and provide you with a personalized roadmap to enhance your visual identity. No fluff, just practical insights. Think of it as a low-key exploration to uncover the modifications and changes that could elevate your brand without the sales pitch.

Is there any fine print?

This is an assessment, which means that I will make suggestions based on my professional expertise and experience. These suggestions may include ideas of how to improve your branding and marketing materials. They could include a list of marketing items that I think your business should explore. These ideas could involve design and/or printing, etc. Should you choose to hire me to take on the work that I am suggesting, that would be great! But there is no obligation to do so. I would hope that you would not take my strategic suggestions to another designer, but you certainly have that right! 

Who are the some of the local clients that I’ve worked with?

Some memorable highlights thru my career

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