Marshfield Mariner Feature by Reporter James Kukstis

Throughout his life, Marshfield resident Joe Lyons has been drawn to the creative – from his early art work in high school to his days as a college DJ to his successful design business, Spin350.

“I knew I wanted to get into art, but I didn’t really know what that meant,” Lyons said. “I ended up getting into it and loving it.”

As owner and creative director, Lyons is a hands-on designer, working with clients from start to finish on a wide variety of projects. His extensive portfolio includes work for all sorts of businesses and non-profits, from restaurants, real estate developments and political campaigns to Patriots player James White’s Sweet Feet for Strikes fundraiser.

Lyons works largely alone, which fits with his creative process.

“There are days when I get to work and I get distracted and can’t get into that creative flow, and then the next day it hits and I find my groove, I find my flow,” he said. “Some stuff just comes to me so fast and other times I just struggle with it.”

Crediting some of that struggle to his ADD, Lyons is organized and meticulous with what works for him, necessary when working on 20 projects at once, as is typical for him. Each project is different, and that variety can help to keep things interesting.

“It’s not analytical,” he said.“You’re not creating a formula that’s going to take the same amount of time no matter when you do it, it either comes to you or it doesn’t, which is exciting.”

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