It took a lot of coffee, strategic planning, and getting our design team to not over think every pixel, but we did it. We redesigned our own website. Finally.

Since late 2013, there has been a lot of buzz within the design industry about what the hot website design trends of 2014 would be. We’ve followed the whispers closely and implemented everything that we liked into the first redesign of our own website in 4 years. Here’s what you can expect from the new…

Parallax Scrolling:

ParallaxProbably the coolest thing we’ve seen on the web in a while. Parallax brings a new dimension to viewing webpages from your desktop. As you scroll down the page, background images scroll at a different speed, which creates the parallax effect.


Flat 2D Design:

2DWhen Apple introduced a new and redesigned iOS7, many people didn’t know what to think, but they knew they loved the beauty of the simple design. This trend has carried over to print and web design. The focus is now on simplicity, minimalism and clean shapes. Gone are the days of bevels, gradients, drop shadows, and 3D effects.


Single Page Design:

Single_PageSingle page design removes the clutter of multiple pages and navigation, and strips a site down to the essentials. Limited secondary pages like blogs, etc. are added outside the main page. Single page design is not a one size fits all solution and we only recommend it for specific cases.


Fixed Header:

Fixed_HeaderThis is a simple effect that we’ve been using for a while now that is regaining popularity. A fixed header simply means that your navigation bar scrolls down the page with you so that you don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top to click something. So simple, yet so helpful for better user experience.


Responsive Design:

ResponsiveIf your website is not responsive, you should fix that first and foremost! It used to be that you would have a full version and a mobile version of your site. Now, responsive design and development streamlines the process and creates one site that changes based on the screen that it’s open on. This means that whether you are viewing a site on a widescreen computer or an iPhone or a tablet, the site will fit and reformat text and graphics properly.

We’d love to invite you to take a tour of our new website! We’ve added some new things including a breakdown of our process and an introduction to our internal team. We also reimagined and redesigned our design portfolio. Take some time, sit back and enjoy.

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