Spin350 is excited to share one of our newest projects, the redesign of GliaCure.com

Client Overview

Spin350_Glia_Coaster_SmallGliaCure is a pioneer in the development of novel therapeutics aimed at treating neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders of the brain. The company’s approaches are based on glial targets, a cell type in the brain that has previously been overlooked in drug discovery.

GliaCure is a virtual drug discovery company, a cutting edge approach in life sciences that allows it to work with expert consultants on an as-needed basis to allow rapid decision-making and to maximize investment. The company has raised approximately $8.5 million to date from private investors.

GliaCure was founded in 2011 and is based on discoveries by its scientific founder, Philip Haydon, Ph.D., of Tufts University and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Spin350’s Role in the Project

Spin350_Glia_Embroidered_SmallSpin350 Creative originally developed a brand identity and web site for GliaCure in 2012 when they were a new venture. Our branding was integral in introducing GliaCure to the medical research market. Inspiration for the logo came from the glia cells found in the brain. Our approach was to create iconography that communicated GliaCure’s medical research in a contemporary fashion. As the need for marketing expanded, we utilized branding in a variety of media including a tradeshow booth and giveaways.

2014 Web Site Redesign

Spin350_GliaCure-OldWebsite_Small2A lot has changed in the past few years in web design and development. When we built GliaCure’s first web site in 2012, we also built a mobile version of it so that it could be viewed smoothly from mobile devices. This meant that there were two different web sites. A desktop version and a mobile version. With the introduction of responsive design, whether you are viewing a site on a widescreen computer or an iPhone or a tablet, the site will fit and reformat text and graphics properly. As GliaCure has grown and their needs have changed, they have come back to us to make updates to their site. We recently recommended that this would be an ideal time to explore redesigning and rebuilding www.gliacure.com in a responsive environment since we would be updating the look and feel anyway. Since we built the first site in WordPress, switching into a new responsive WordPress theme was fairly seamless. We were also able to save our client a lot of money because we started with a professionally pre-built theme.

Glia-iMac-iPad-iPhone_smallThe best way to explain WordPress themes is that they are similar to the structural framing of a house. Everything that you add after is design and content. It’s the filler, but the core structural piece is there. We saved GliaCure a lot of money on their web site redesign by starting with a new theme that was prebuilt and bought on the open market. There are hundred out there and they are built by other professionals. Since they are sold in bulk, there is huge cost savings. Similar to how it’s cheaper to buy a stock photo than it is to hire a photographer to take a photo. As designers, our goal is to take that prebuilt structure (theme) and modify it enough that it does not look “out of the box”. We tweak it, customize it, re-do the design and move in the content from the old structure (old theme). This is the perfect example of how sometimes it’s easier to start with something new, that is fresh and up to date with new technologies and back end structural features than modifying or adding on to an old theme.

Redesigning a web site with a professionally designed WordPress theme as a starting point is not a solution that works for every client, but if you have a site that is outdated in both design and functionality, it may be the perfect solution. If your site looks dated and is not a responsive site, meaning it doesn’t reformat to function and look great on mobile and tablet, you should consider a redesign. Give us a call and we’ll look at your site for no charge and explain what the options are. It’s almost 2015, and your company web site is your potential clients first point of interaction with you. Don’t let an outdated site turn off potential clients!

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