Spin350 is excited to share one of our newest projects, the rebranding of Apex Ridge Reliability


Project Overview

Apex Ridge Reliability is a full service reliability engineering firm serving New England. For those of us that aren’t sure what that means, the easy way to explain it, in the most simple terms is this: When a company is ready to develop and launch a product, they often bring in an external engineer that will explore vulnerabilities and issues in development and manufacturing. From there, the reliability engineer runs tests, finds/solves performance issues and develops a plan.

The Client’s Challenge

Prior to meeting with Spin350, Apex Ridge’s owner Adam had been doing a great job getting new business through referrals, but he did not have professional branding and marketing materials and his web site was a free GoDaddy template. These things had worked for a while, but he recognized that he was at a growth point with the company where he needed to step up his brand image.

Spin350’s Role in the Project

The first thing that we discussed with Adam was that first impression is the first thing that matters. In our white paper on the Risk & Reward of a Brand Revamp, we talk about how:

“Today, more than 85% of customers search the web before making a purchase decision…Your brand and your website have the best chance of being a potential customers “first impression” of your company and your offerings… 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design”.

When Adam engaged with us on the project, we quickly learned that Apex Ridge has an impressive client list working with the likes of Boeing, Keurig and Boston Dynamics so they have the experience and track record to attract large, high profile corporations. Our job was to step up the brand to match the audience.

Brand Development


Apex Ridge Business Card Design

Our approach in developing the new brand for Apex Ridge started with a discovery session with Adam and then doing further research of the industry, his partners and his clients. One of the things that we found is that many of the other engineers that were doing similar work as Apex were also small businesses. And they looked like it. We wanted to create a brand for Adam that showed that Apex Ridge was capable of working with big clients, even if they were a small business. We developed a clean logo that focused on strong typography and carried forward the blue and orange color palette that Apex Ridge was already using.

“Working with Joe and his team was great.  I had access to the resources of a large firm but with a very personal and custom touch.  They were able to design a logo and develop a full marketing presence that immediately advanced my small business.”

– Adam Bahret, Owner, Apex Ridge

Print & Graphic Design

Once we had Apex Ridge’s branding developed, we were able to carry those branding standards forward onto the business cards, services sheet and web site. As part of every branding project that we do, we also created a Brand Book for Apex. A Brand Book (also commonly referred to as a “brand guidelines,” “brand standards,” or a “style guide”) is essentially a set of rules that explain how your brand should be used (and not used). The Brand Book helps to ensure that all of your promotional channels are aligned — no matter who develops them for you in the future. It’s a document that every company, large or small, needs to have as part of their brand.


Apex Ridge Brand Book Cover


Apex Ridge Brand Book Inside


Apex Ridge Services Sheet Design

Web Design & Development

As mentioned earlier, we were getting away from a free GoDaddy template and moving into a custom designed WordPress Site. We wanted to design a site that highlighted Apex’s services, customers and partners. We started with designing the site wireframes in Adobe Illustrator and from there, built everything out with PHP and HTML5 in a WordPress platform.

Apex Ridge Wireframe Design

Apex Ridge Wireframe Design

www.apexridge.com has all of the bells and whistles that a 2015 should have. It’s responsive for best user experience across multiple devices, it utilizes parallax scroll, large icons, scrolls and minimalism. All things that are popular in modern web design and development. Since the site is built in WordPress, Adam has the ability to make his own site edits without needing to reach back out to us. We also built a powerful blog that allows him to keep content fresh for his audience.

Apex Ridge Responsive Web Design

Apex Ridge Responsive Web Design

Apex Ridge Blog Design

Apex Ridge Blog Design


Apex Ridge is a great example of a small business revamp that results in a completely new brand image. It doesn’t matter if your a business of 1 or 50, giving your potential customers a strong first impression is the first step in continued new business. If customers are judging the quality and professionalism of your business and your offerings based on the quality and professionalism of your branding and web site, you need to make sure that it reflects that.

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