Have you ever wished that you had an unlimited tracking device for your keys, your bag or even your pet? Well now you can. The XY tracker is a jewel shaped rubber tracker that you can attach to all of your belongings.

This tracker technology is printed using 3D printers and also uses crowd sourcing techniques to help find lost belonging. See how it works in this video.

This tool will completely change your day-to-day life! This new device works with iBeacon on an iPhone or Android device. This new technology has not been widely used, as of yet, but more and more devices will come out like this. iBeacon utilizes Bluetooth as a tool for positioning, rather than GPS. This helps to save on battery life and also to increase accuracy. All of these little devices trigger the iBeacon, which helps to either find a tracker or to set of a reminder when you get into the Bluetooth radius. If you think this a great idea you can pre order and donate to the XY team on their Kickstarter page.


Many experts have suggested that iBeacon may be primarily utilized for marketing (i.e. triggering ads or popups when you walk in a store), but this tracker technology seems more the way the world will respond to this new and powerful geolocation tech. Sure companies will take advantage of beacon tech in storefronts, but these innovative tech tools that use a highly precise and battery saving locating method will show the consumer why the iBeacon is very useful in their everyday life. Bring iBeacon usage into anyone’s home is the way to a consumer’s heart.

Take a peak at their kickstarter here.

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