Spin350 is excited to share one of our newest projects, Bostonia Public House, which officially opens tonight in the Financial District.

Project Overview


Bostonia Public House is Boston’s newest restaurant concept located in the historic Board of Trade Building where Kitty O’Shea’s once resided. This prime location is on the corner of State Street and Broad Street, adjacent to the Financial District & Faneuil Hall. Designed as a community-gathering place, Bostonia Public House serves locally inspired cuisine alongside an appealing selection of cocktails, beer and wine. The “refined-rustic” menu is crafted by Executive Chef Kyle Ketchum, formerly of The Lark in Michigan and Spiced Pear in Rhode Island. Together, Fitzgerald and Ketchum have collaborated to curate approachable offerings with farm-to-table principles, a commitment to sustainability and a distinctive New England accent.


The wine program at Bostonia Public House boasts a selection of 45 wines by the glass utilizing the state of the art Napa Technologies Wine System. This system keeps each bottle at the optimal temperature and allows guests to enjoy two ounce tasting pours, full glasses and carafes. Bostonia is one of the first restaurants in Boston to have this amazing system.

The exposed kitchen and extended 100-foot walnut bar deliver a unique dining experience within a sophisticated social scene. The space accommodates seating for over 200+ guests throughout the expansive downstairs bar, intimate upstairs bar, dining room, communal tables, private dining and event spaces.

Spin350’s Role in the Project


Hospitality veteran John Fitzgerald approached Spin350 last fall in search of a creative partner on this exciting new project. He wanted to hire an agency that could take his unique concept and visually translate it into developed branding, print and web. In addition, it was important that everything from the marketing materials to the menus to the website captured the theme of “Old Boston’s social scene”

Brand Development


Our approach in developing the brand for Bostonia started with researching pre-prohibition design trends that were popular in the early 1900’s. In early marketing, hand lettering and drop shadows were often used in storefront signage to identify the establishment to the public. We wanted to capture this feel in the brand for Bostonia. The arched lettering added one more element of the period to finalize the concept. The secondary fonts that we introduced on the marketing materials and menus are also retro fonts and are used in conjunction with the logo to not only compliment the brand, but also to strengthen it.

Print & Graphic Design


Once we had Bostonia’s branding developed, we were able to carry those branding standards forward onto the business cards, menus and check presenters. Since the brand is based on 100 year old design trends, we not only needed to make sure that the design of the printed pieces was accurate, but we also needed to source materials that captured the period. We chose to print the business cards on ultra-thin wood veneer instead of paper card stock. Yes, wood. Cherry, to be exact. Not only is printing on wood super cool, but also we were printing on 100% real, unaltered and natural wood material. The production of this material uses very minimal amounts of energy, gas and water, is made entirely in the United States, and compared to the papermaking process, it take less wood to make Micro-Veneer cards then it does to make regular paper cards. The production of the wood cards does not require the use of a single chemical or water contamination. One log will produce thousands of cards!

Spin350_Bostonia_BarWe decided to print the food and drink menus on 130-pound kraft paper. This common brown paper is known for its strength and fibrous texture. The kraft process of converting wood into pulp and then eventually paper was introduced in the late 1800’s and has heavy roots in New England. As you read the amazing menu offerings from Chef Kyle Ketchum while holding this rustic paper stock in your hands, the feeling that is captured is classic to say the least.

Web Design & Development


The final piece of the Bostonia project was to give the restaurant an online presence through a website. Our biggest challenge was developing a site that looked “old” but at the same time utilized current design and development trends (see our post on the hottest design trends of 2014 and how we used them to redesign the Spin350 website) From a design side of things, we focused on vintage Boston photography used in black and white throughout the site. We also tied in the kraft paper texture to make the website mesh with the printed materials. On the development side, we decided on a one-page parallax site that was developed first for mobile user experience and second for desktop viewing. Since we built the site with responsive design, whether you are viewing a site on a widescreen computer or an iPhone or a tablet, the site will fit and reformat text and graphics properly. Next, we focused on the food menus. Most of the time, when you are looking into a restaurant, it is from your smartphone. Aside from maybe the address or phone number, the first thing that people want to know is what is on the menu! Too many restaurant websites only have pdf versions of their menus available and we all know how difficult it is to navigate and view a pdf from a phone! With this in mind, we created an accordion navigation so that you can drop open food menus based on lunch, dinner, etc. For desktop users that want to see the full menu in pdf version, or even print it out, we kept a secondary pdf option of each menu. In addition to the great menu navigation, we also coded the Open Table widget directly into the site. This means that you can make your reservations immediately from the site.


Bostonia Public House is located at 131 State Street, Boston MA and is open seven days a week for lunch, dinner and late night, and for brunch on weekends. For additional information, please visit www.bostoniapublichouse.com.

Content excerpts courtesy of 451 Marketing.

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